Nuclear fuel

In nuclear power plant the fuel contain fissile component (U-235 and/or Pu- 239) that must be treated in order to be used.
Nuclear fuel undergoes a strict process to obtain the right material.
ALD France intervenes at different stage of this process and has a long experience in the heat treatment of the fuel pellet.

There are three main stages in the fabrication of the nuclear fuel structures used in LWRs and PHWRs:

  • Producing pure uranium dioxide (UO2) from incoming UF6 or UO3.
  • Producing high-density accurately shaped ceramic pellets.
  • Producing the rigid metal framework for the fuel assembly – mainly from zirconium alloy; that will contains the fuel pellets, sealing them and assembling the rods into the final fuel assembly structure.

Fuel Cycle

Nuclear fuel production


Video about nuclear fuel fabrication from the WNTI.

Find more information about fuel production on the World Nuclear Transport Institute website and the World Nuclear Association website.



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