ALD France history

Founded in 2014 as a merger of Furnaces Nuclear Applications Grenoble SAS (FNAG) and Thermique Industrie Vide SAS (TIV) specialized in furnaces for heat treatment, ALD France is actually a new company with a long history.

The forerunners DEGUSSA and ALD were suppliers of sintering furnaces for nuclear fuel.

Since its origin, ALD France has been delivering furnaces and transferring know-how for the sintering of nuclear fuel pellets since 1971.


  • 2014
    • Merger of FNAG and TIV into ALD France
    • ALD France becomes member of IRT M2P Metz, a research institute in industrial metallurgy
    • Acquisition of the ASPN patent from M.Georges by ALD VT
    • They haven’t stopped to work on challenging projects ever since then
  • 2015 - Moving to brand new building with 1200 m² offices, 2500m² workshop and laboratory

A look back at FNAG

Furnace Nuclear Application Grenoble, FNAG, was founded in 2008 out of the nuclear division of ALD-VT to work on the MOX USA project.

  • 1850 - The family company, E. Leybold, is founded in Cologne
  • 1851 - The family company, W. C. Heraeus, is formed in Hanau
  • 1873 - The company Degussa is founded in Frankfurt
  • 1961 - Merger of Leybold and Heraeus > Foundation of Leybold-Heraeus GmbH
  • 1971 - First sintering furnaces for MOX and UO2 fuel pellets
  • 1991 - Merger of Leybold and Degussa > Foundation of Leybold-Durferrit
  • 1994 - Foundation of ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH by Leybold and Degussa
  • 2006
    • ALD-VT enters the engineering division of AMG
    • Foundation of FNAG in Grenoble by ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH
  • 2013 - Designing and manufacturing of the biggest vacuum furnace in the world for ITER

A look back at TIV

Thermique Industrie Vide, TIV, was created in 1994 by two technology maniacs, Claude Maiffret and Philippe Segovia, who decided to start a business for custom-designed heat-treatment furnaces.
They haven’t stopped to work on challenging projects ever since.

  • 1994 - Foundation of TIV by Claude Maiffret and Philippe Segovia
  • 1997
    • TIV becomes a world specialist in zirconium annealing process
    • Partnership between TIV and ALD on gas nitriding furnaces
  • 2005 - First large scale annealing furnace, 28m long, with high vacuum up to 10-5 mbars for inconel 690 tube
  • 2013 - Partnership with FNAG, to design and manufacture the biggest vacuum furnace in the world for ITER

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