• Gas nitriding process

Gas nitriding

What is gas nitriding?

Gas Nitriding is a heat treatment process which diffuses nitrogen into the surface of a metal to create a case-hardened surface.

Ammonia is injected into the furnace provoking a catalytic reaction. The nascent nitrogen diffuses into the matrix to form metal nitrides.



In a vacuum purged furnace, pressure, temperature and process gas composition can be controlled at any stage of the process to achieve expected nitrides and diffusion depth.

Controlling the nitriding process is achieved by controlling the nitriding potential Kn :

Why do you need gas nitriding?

  • High surface hardness, up to 1400 HV
  • High wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Good gliding properties
  • Fatigue improvement
  • Hold high temperature
  • Low dimensional distortion
  • No or little machining rework comparing to carburizing
  • Homogenous treatment whatever shape

Gas Nitriding is an efficient process for automotive, aeronautics, watchmaking and tooling industries that need to improve properties of parts like

  • Gears
  • Motor and pump components
  • Drive shaft
  • Extrusion dyes
  • Tools and machining elements
  • Dyes and punches

If your process doesn’t involve working with bulk or very complex parts, you should consider plasma nitriding.

If your need to nitride sintered parts or to perform partial nitriding of your parts, plasma nitriding is the only solution.

Our gas nitriding solutions

  • Standard gas nitriding furnaces
  • Support in developing your nitriding process, with a control of nitride layers (CLT and NHD)
  • Nitriding treatment test on customer parts
  • Metallurgical analysis of nitrided parts
  • Estimation of consumption of energy, fluids and consumables for your Nitriding gas process.
  • Gas Nitriding, process and furnace training center

Why is ALD France the best partner for gas nitriding?

  • ALD France can offer standard gas furnaces, or can design a dedicated furnace for special needs
  • ALD France has a large installed base of nitriding furnaces in various market such as automotive and aeronautics for more than 20 years
  • ALD France works in close relationship with its customers and partners in order to offer the best possible service and make them benefit of ALD France considerable experience.
  • ALD France is member of the Material and Process Technology Research Institute IRT-M2P.
  • ALD France has a dedicated nitriding lab and experts
  • ALD France provides specialized nitriding after sales services
  • ALD France has a worldwide sales and service network

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